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 We arccepting recyclable goods from the general public!We accept Cardboard & Paper, Glass Bottles & Jars, Aluminum, Tin, Steel, Copper, Brass, Electronics, Cars.

For ferrous and non-ferrous recycling and pricing please contact us at Mile 8 on the Old Richardson Highway between Fairbanks and North Pole Alaska.

K&K Recycling, Inc. will accept the items listed below but will not pay for them.

  • Steel and Cast Iron

  • Tin Cans (food cans without labels)

  • White Goods (Call for drop-off requirements)

  • Automobiles (Call for drop-off requirements)

K&K Recycling Policy
K&K will purchase non-ferrous metals according to our daily posted market prices (Aluminum, aluminum cans, copper, lead, brass, radiators, and stainless steel)

  • K&K will take but not buy tin cans (Please remove the wrapper and rinse all cans out.)

  • K&K will take but not buy ferrous scrap metals. (Steel and cast iron) All loads of ferrous metals MUST be inspected by K&K personnel.

  • Fifty-five gallon drums MUST have one end cut out and have no residue of any kind.

  • Transmissions MUST be drained and have filters and pan removed.

  • Torque converters must be drained.

  • Engine blocks and motors: ALL oil must be drained; filters and oil pan must also be removed.

  • Cars: MUST BE CLEANED OUT. No garbage, no batteries. All oil must be drained. (Crank case, engine, master cylinder, and rear end) Vehicle must be drained of all gasoline. Rear end plate and gas tank must be removed as well.

  • White goods: Refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washers, dryers, and dishwashers all MUST have motors removed. Refrigerators and freezers MUST also have compressors and freon removed.


  • Hot water heaters: Cannot have antifreeze or asbestos insulation.

Materials Accepted

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Yard Locations

K&K Recycling Inc
Little Rock,Arkansas
United States
ZIP: 99711,
Contact Number: (907) 488-1409,

Website: http://kandkrecycling.net/,

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Sunday Closed

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