METKOB MINING COMPANY represents a large number of local artisan mining groups in Bertoua East Region, Cameroon. 

Our firm is in possession of the Gold Export License/Permit issued by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon necessary exploitation, mining and export gold from Cameroon for and on behalf of the local Mining community of Betare-oya. thus we can deliver our Gold to any part of the world on CIF Basis.We are ready and willing to deliver between 100 to 150 kg of gold to the Buyer [or their representative] upon complying with the terms and conditions of our FCO and SPA. 


Materials Accepted

Plastic Scrap

SL NO Materials Name
1 Plastic Recycling
2 #1 & # 2 Plastic
3 Mixed plastic bottles
4 #1 PETE Plastic
5 #1 PETE Plastic Bottles
6 #2 HDPE Plastic Bottles
7 Pet
8 #6 Plastic Cups
9 Hdpe
10 Mixed Plastic
11 Ldpe
12 Pallets
13 Abs
14 Hastelloy aluminum billets
15 PA(Nylon)
16 Eva
17 Pc - Polycarbonate
18 Pp - Polypropylene
19 Ps - Polystyrene
20 Pe - Polyethylene
21 Pvc

Company Services

Dropoff, Pickup,

Contact Company

Yard Locations

Betare Oya,Est
ZIP: 237,
Contact Number: 237679625743,
Email: metkobmining@gmail.com,
Website: www.metkobmining.com,

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday:24

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