W Silver Recycling

W Silver Recycling is one of the nation's leading recyclers, with a presence covering the southwest United States and northern Mexico.

With foundations based on integrity and ingenuity, W Silver Recycling fulfills its promises to the customers and communities in which it operates.

Manufacturer Services

W. Silver Recycling maintains a leading focus on recycling with a modern vantage of an aged industry. For many years, manufacturers were accustomed to metals recycling companies that do nothing more than leave checks for their generated materials and by-products. W Silver takes a unique approach by providing manufacturers with strategic partnerships that empower competitive advantages.

This goes much further than simply paying the highest price for metals. These partnerships are the core of W Silver’s business and have been so for over 90 years. W Silver has allied with manufacturers since the early 1970’s when inexpensive labor brought companies to the US-Mexico border. This enterprise has given W Silver more experience than any other recycler in dealing with the needs of varied by-product mixes. Some examples of successfully utilized services include:

  • On-site labor and off-balance sheet equipment programs (i.e. plastics grinders and balers)

  • Toll programs

  • Cost input hedge models for direct purchases

  • Increased environmental insurance as well as general liability protection

  • Website payment log-in and tracking

  • Proprietary destruction and E and O destruction equipment

  • Specially fabricated equipment for in-line use

  • Open book contracts

  • Recycling of cross-linked and thermoset plastics

These are just a few of the specialized services that have allowed W Silver to become the premier recycler for manufacturers in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. All programs and individual analysis are quoted freely so please contact the appropriate W Silver location for an opportunity to turn a metal recycling transaction into a full By-Product Management Program.


The recycling industry is based on environmental services and environmental protection. W Silver’s focus is to respect the green origin of industry and complete compliance. With every decision made at W Silver Recycling, the question is posed whether the company is able to open and close every day with the sound peace of mind that the world is a better place due to our efforts.

Below are some of the unique environmental practices offered by W Silver to help manufacturers maintain a green status and avoid landfill refuse. Working with W Silver is not only responsible, but improves the bottom line.

Recycling of commingled polymers, cross-linked and thermoset plastics

  • Handling of all generated materials including pallets and industrial trash

  • US based EPA monitored product destruction in lieu of unchecked overseas shipments

  • Fluid retention pads

  • Stormwater policy and regular checking

  • Unique environmental insurance policies

  • Knowledge of LEEDS program and services offered for contractors

  • Notarized recycling and destruction certificates


Materials Accepted

Plastic Scrap

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