Nickel-Cobalt 2017

Starts on Sunday, 2017 August 27
Ends on Wednesday, 2017 August 30
Venue Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, Canada

VANCOUVER (Scrap Register): The Hydrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2017 symposium will constitute MetSoc's 47th Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting, and will be held in conjunction with Nickel-Cobalt 2017, the 4th international nickel and cobalt symposium. Activities will include a short course and industrial tour.

Hydrometallurgy of Ni-Co 2017 will bring together internationally recognized scientists, engineers and plant operators knowledgeable in the metallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt, to share and discuss the most recent developments in the processing of these metals.

Session topics include:

-- hydrometallurgical processing of Nickel and Cobalt ores,

-- concentrates and mattes, as well as the

-- recovery of associated valuable by-products.

Papers will be presented on existing operations, projects in the pipeline, R&D initiatives, emerging technologies, laterite processing, processing of sulphides, leaching, solvent extraction, purification, metals refining and PGM recovery.

A good balance between industrial and academic papers is planned, with emphasis on papers that describe novel approaches taken to solve difficult processing problems.

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