Starts on Sunday, 2017 September 17
Ends on Friday, 2017 September 22
Venue Thessaloniki, Greece

THESSALONIKI (Scrap Register): The EUROMAT 2017 conference will be held in Thessaloniki Greece, on 17-22 September 2017, co-organized by the Hellenic Metallurgical Society and the Hellenic Society of the Science and Technology of the Condensed Matter.

Thessaloniki, is a vibrant and modern European city, being among the most important trade and business hubs in the Balkans with great history dating back to the Ancient Greeks around 315 BC. The city is situated strategically in the northern part of Greece, and is easily accessible from all over the world. The congress venue will be “Thessaloniki Concert Hall”, a unique complex of buildings conveniently located at the seafront of the city.

Year 2017 is a milestone in FEMS's history, 30 years from the federation establishment will be reached, and this special occasion will be highlighted via special events organized within the Conference.

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