Nepal Trade Summit

Starts on Thursday, 2018 May 17
Ends on Friday, 2018 May 18
Venue Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee, Kathmandu, Nepal

KATHMANDU (Scrap Register): The Nepal Trade Summit 2018 will take place on 17-18 May 2018 at Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal Trade Summit will provide a platform to facilitate trade interactions amongst various stakeholders.

The conference will attempt:

-- To act as a platform to facilitate trade interactions amongst various stakeholders

-- To discern the growth drivers of industrial progress in Nepal

-- To interpret the implications of growth of steel sector in adjoining countries

-- To evaluate the possibility of sourcing raw materials from China & other sources

-- To learn about the new opportunities in steel, cement & power sector in Nepal

-- To apprehend the views of young turks of Nepalese industry

-- To understand the future raw material demand and supply scenario

-- To address the issue of inefficiency handling in steel sector

-- To delve into technological advancements in steel technology

-- To study the right feed stock mix for furnaces

--11. To gauge the utility of pre-engineered & pre-fabricated steel buildings

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