CIO Mining Africa Summit

Starts on Wednesday, 2018 May 23
Ends on Thursday, 2018 May 24
Venue African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Pretoria, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG (Scrap Register): CIO Mining Africa Summit, organized by the Energlobe Ltd will take place from 23rd May to the 24th May 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This landmark event will engage CIO’s, CEO’s & Ministers to help educate the industry about the importance of the role of IT in Mining, through innovative group discussions, round-tables and panel discussions.

The conference will cover areas like Digital Transformation in Workforce management in mining, Reinventing IT to respond and adapt to the industry economic downturn demands on the IT function, IT spending during a slump, Creating and Sustaining an industry leading position through Effective IT Governance.

23 MAY
CIO Mining Africa Summit
2018 May 23 - 2018 May 24
African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Pretoria, South Africa
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