GMSG Johannesburg Forum

Starts on Wednesday, 2017 September 20
Ends on Thursday, 2017 September 21
Venue Emperors Palace Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG (Scrap Register): The GMSG - Building towards the future of mining, organized by the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) will take place from 20 September 2017 - 21 September 2017 at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This two-day interactive forum will align the guideline work of GMSG with the priorities and practices of the South African mining industry.

Attendees will hear from industry leaders on important industry topics, including digitization and autonomous mining, and learn about current GMSG projects. They will also participate in breakout sessions on how to eliminate innovation roadblocks and drive the industry forward.

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