Steel Scrap & Raw Material Conference

Starts on Monday, 2017 September 11
Ends on Tuesday, 2017 September 12
Venue Bangkok, Thailand

BANGKOK (Scrap Register): The global Steel trade is staring at transformation. On one hand, Chinese scrap is threatening to alter the global scrap trade dynamics on the other we have countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam & Indonesia which are riding the consumption wave.

South East Asia has embarked on unprecedented infrastructural growth. While the new Indian metal recycling policy is gearing up to alter the scrap import dynamics and steelmakers a looking out for most cost effective way of producing steel with definite value add. This conference will attempt to understand:

-- How will China impact the dynamics of global Scrap & Steel market?

-- Will Pakistan become the second largest scrap importer in Asia?

-- Will Bangladesh double its steel consumption by 2022?

-- Will SE Asia remain import dependent or increase its steel production?

-- What will be the impact of Indian metal recycling policy?

-- Will rising steel exports from India sustain?

-- Will ship breaking remain a scrap feeder?

-- How will scrap supply dynamics shape up in 2017-2018?

-- How Scrap charge rate can be increased from existing 18-20% to 50% in BOF’s?

-- How to decrease the operating costs of Electric Arc Furnaces

-- Is FINEX the future of low cost steelmaking?

-- Where are Japanese ferrous scrap prices heading?

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