Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit 2019

Starts on Tuesday, 2019 August 20
Ends on Thursday, 2019 August 22
Venue Cobo Center, Detroit, USA

DETORIT (Scrap Register): The 2019 edition of Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit (GLAM) will be held at Cobo Center, Detroit starting on 20-22 August 2019.

The rapid transition to a new generation of EV, autonomous and ICEV platforms, architectures and lightweight structures is driving new opportunities for advanced technology adoption and engineering innovation - but also creating potentially disruptive challenges for vehicle designers, engineers and their suppliers.

With a brand new agenda, the Summit will provide important insights and understanding through an unrivaled mix of in-depth technical sessions, case study-led presentations and interactive panel discussions on the hottest issues, enabling greater interaction between speakers and delegates than ever before.

Galm 2019 highlights on advanced technology adoption, manufacturability and engineering innovation.

-- Find out how to get the greatest value from in innovations in lightweight materials and combine them effectively for enhanced manufacturability - including Gen 3 and other high strength steels, aluminum 6000 and 7000 series applications, carbon fiber and lower plastic composites;

-- Explore and understand how to realize the potential of digitalization and manufacturing 4.0 for integrated design and manufacturing, improved throughput and optimized production system;

-- Compare and contrast new approaches to developing EV body structure / body in white and battery integration for durability, crashworthiness and intrusion protection;

-- Adopt the latest advances in forming, joining, welding, adhesive bonding, castings, extrusions and testing processes to reduce vehicle mass and minimize costs.

20 AUG
Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit 2019
2019 August 20 - 2019 August 22
Cobo Center, Detroit, USA
26 AUG
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA, USA
28 AUG
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
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