Silver and Gold Summit 2017

Starts on Monday, 2017 November 20
Ends on Tuesday, 2017 November 21
Venue Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, USA

SAN FRANCISCO (Scrap Register): The 2017 Silver and Gold Summit will be held in San Francisco, California November 20 & 21.

This is the third year occuring in San Francisco having previously being relocated there from Spokane, Washington, where it was held for the past several years.

Cambridge House International Inc. and Katusa Research will co-produce the Silver and Gold Summit 2017.

Over the past 20 years, Cambridge House has built its resource investment conferences to be the largest and best in the world, focused on mineral exploration. These have been exceptionally strong in attracting retail investors. This partnership with Katusa Research will bring in new professional and institutional investors and speakers from around the world.

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